DDIprint (Documents Direct, Inc.) was founded in 2004 by Quinn Wesson and Macon Michaux. Two print industry veterans with a combined 42 years of experience, DDI was created to be your full-service print partner.

We have leveraged our vast industry experience to develop printing and communication solutions for business clients of all disciplines and sizes.

Technology, changing budgets, business goals/priorities and past experiences make each client's needs unique. At DDI, we understand the pressures businesses face to increase efficiency and maximize every dollar.

We do not simply sell printing, also we provide print services that help businesses get more from their budgets. You still get top quality materials, fulfillment and other services.

With DDI you also get the benefit of knowing that your print is being strategically managed by experienced veterans who work for you and with you. Your printing is our business...and YOUR business is our focus.


    At DDI, we strive for relationships with our clients that are characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility. This team approach allows us to work with the client to achieve a unified, stated goals.

    Integrity, timeliness, respect, knowledge, and attention to detail are all mandatory values in successful organizations. DDI is committed that we demonstrate these core values in every aspect of our business.

    Anything that does not directly add value to your print job is unnecessary. We can help you find and trim unnecessary costs - both budget and time - and increase your organization's ability to manage costs and quality more efficiently
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